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Captain & Vice Captain's Challenge

WEEK 12 -- 19th June
A slight change in the challenger's line up today as Dangerous didn't make it out of bed this morning to partner the Sheriff in the Captains Challenge so Stephen called on the services of Steady Eddie Mr. Grumpy Wilfort who was glad to stand in for the absent Mr. Garland.
All started well for both sides with 2pts apiece on the first before they then went a point behind on the second after taking a double bogey. After both sides could only manage bogeys on the third we remained one up until the fourth where John. We got a good par to draw them level and then on the fifth another good par by Steve took them 1pt up on us starting the sixth.
But it didn't last long as disaster struck for the challengers as they both blew the hole out while my vice cooly parred it for 3pts putting us 2pts in front. Bogeys for both sides through 7 & 8 kept our 2pt advantage going down the last and with a par by Grumpy and a bogey by my Vice the points remained the same 19pts to 17pts in favour of the Captain &Vice.
Cheers gents and big thanks to John. H who kept us in the game all the way round.

WEEK 8 -- 22nd May
Week 8 and a hard challenge to take on as Mr. Howes and Mr. Mace were down to play me and my Vice today but with Macie still North of the border and trying to get an exit visa and my Vice off to play his Newman Cup match against Richard the challenge was 2 men down. Feeling a little obliged to help me out Mr. Newman kindly stepped in for my absent Vice-Captain and Mr Prior stepped in for Macie.
After the 1st we were all square on points as Mick and I grab a couple of pars. Mick then grab two more on the 2nd and 3rd holes as we could only manage a couple of bogeys putting us 2pts behind. With both Mick and Andy finding the green the pressure was on for Russ and myself after we both found the same left hand green side bunker. A good bunker shot from myself saw my ball just roll past the hole for a give me par and with both our opponents getting a par a piece we were still 2 behind.
But Mick the machine hadn't stopped yet as he grab another par on the 5th with us just managing to scrap bogey to put us 3pts behind.
Then pars for the ex-skipper and myself on the 6th equalled by Andy keeping them 3pts in front. Pressure must have go to Russ and myself then as I blew out the next three holes with Russ only fairing slightly better by grabbing a six on the 7th and blowing the next two out as well and no chance of coming back.
Well done Guys.... Cheers for stepping in MICK :>)
WEEK 7 -- 15th May
This week's challenge saw us take on the Secretary and Grumpy and after 36 holes the day before and feeling battered and bruised I told my Vice-Captain before we teed off that it was all down to him today.
And did he step up to the mark as he started off parring the 1st, 2nd and 3rd holes matching the opposition stroke for stroke around the course and putting us 1pts in front. But then a bit of a hiccup on the 4th as we got a bogey and with Stephen hitting a great 2nd shot with a fairway wood took a birdie after finishing a foot from the hole putting them now 1pt up.
But their celebrations were cut short as my Vice stuck his tee shot off the 5th pin high 14 foot to the right of the hole. And then cool as a cucumber rolled the putt home for a birdie to put us 1pt in front again.
Bogies for both sides saw the points stay the same through 6 & 7 but on the 8th they managed to get us back to levels.
All down to the last then and with both sides on 19pts it was all to play for. After a good shot from my Vice he was set to hit the green in two but after a fluffed shot seeing his ball end up onto of the second bunker and with Steve finding the green the pressure was on for Hawkeye.
Did I say pressure.... No pressure for him as he stuck the ball 8 foot from the pin leaving an easy to Pitt for a bogey 2 points and with Steve getting his par for 2 points it was a halved match.
Great match guys and well done to my Vice-Captain you saved the match for us. Great golf.
WEEK 6 -- 7th May
Hi Gents Phil Brooks guest reporting for the Captain :
On Sunday John Page and I played the Captains Challenge in what was to end in an exciting finish.
1st hole - captain 1 shot up
The captain won the hole by parring it for 3 points. Bernie with a difficult 2nd shot out the rough on the left hand side of the fairway and then a nice chip onto the green to then one put into the hole . With the challengers only able to score 5 for 2 points
2nd Hole - captains hole.
With Bernie getting 5 for 2 the challengers could only respond with John P 6 for 1
3rd Hole captain 3 up
With Phil b missing an easy putt in enabled the captain to stay 3 shots up
4th Hole
The challengers won the hole by Philip hitting his tee shot well right onto the 7th fairway and then going over the trees which enabled him to get on the green in 3 and putting in 2. Giving him 5 for 3 against John H 5 for 2
5th hole - captain 2 up
The challengers won the hole thanks to Philips extra shot when equalling John H and Bernie 4.
Phil b 4 for 3 against John H 4 for 2
6th Hole Captain 1 up
The challengers won this hole to make the match square with Philip having the luck on his side when his 3rd shot managed to find its way through the trees on the left side of the fairway and taking advantage of Bernie not getting a shot on the hole. Phil 6 for 2
7th hole all square
John Page did 2 great shots which enabled him to get on the green in 3 and putting out in 2 making the match all square 5 for 3 against John H 5 for 2
8th hole - challengers 1 shot up
With Phil having to punch his 2nd shot through the trees in middle of fairway and John h going in the ditch Bernie and Phil both putted out with a 6 put the challengers taking the lead with Phil's extra shot.
9th hole - squared With all to play for both John P hitting the green in 2 and Bernie hitting the green in 3 you could see the worry on Bernie face alas Bernie managed an excellent put to par the hole with John p scoring 5. Enabling the match to be drawn at 18 each

WEEK 5 -- 1st May
This week's Captains Challenge saw my Vice-Captain and myself up against Andy Howes and Keith Reid however Andy couldn't make it due to him going on a stag weekend, so the Sheriff was all too happy to jump into his place and take us on.
It was even Stevens after the 1st as I took par for 2pts and Mr. Reid took a bogey for 2pts. Pars on the 2nd and 3rd for both sides saw us all square with 8pts a piece walking onto the 4th tee. But after a bogey for us and another par for the opposition we were suddenly a point down. We manage to even it up again on the 5th as we got 2pts with a 4 and they only was able to take 1pt after a double bogey.
Then disaster on the 6th struck for our opponents as they both blew out scoring zero points while my Vice took a cool par for 3pts putting us on 15pts while Stephen and Keith were on 12pts. With pars for both sides on the 7th it saw us keep our 3pts advantage and the pressure was on for our opponents and with another par for 3pts for us on the 8th and only a double bogey for 1pts for Cagney and Lacey the writing was on the wall. Onto the 9th and with a bogey a piece it was game over with the match finishing 23pts to 17pts in favour of the Captain and Vice-Captain.
Cheers gents, very enjoyable match.

WEEK 4 -- 24th April
Well Colin Millers bad back must have been catching as my Vice came down with the same problem and couldn't make it to the club today to partner me in the Captains Challenge.
So I needed a stand in for the Vice someone who would not crack under pressure, someone who could go the distance and then some, someone who had balls so big that he could smack the opponents around the head with them if it came to it.
As I surveyed the members who had managed to make it out of bed there was only one man that stood out from the crowd that would clearly be up for the job (and it wasn't Mr. Reid) it was one of our ex-skippers "Mr. Howes" who kindly took up the invite and I'm glad he did as I needed all the help I could get today as I was up against a couple of old bandits "Butch and Sundance" or better known to you gentleman as Gary Burman and Anthony Guerrier.
Front 9.
Well to say we were under the gun from the word go would be an understatement as Sundance stuck one straight down the middle of the 1st and with his second shot landing nicely on the green 10 foot from the pin was on for a birdie chance. With Andy and myself scrambling a couple of 5's for a point Anthony rolled his ten footer in to the middle of the hole for a birdie and 4 points to put them 3 points in front after the 1st.
Onto the 2nd and after a good tee shot by Andy finding the right-hand side of the fairway he stuck a great second onto the green 8 foot to the left of the flag. And after just missing the hole tapped in for par and 2 points but with a bogey for 2 points for the opposition they were still 3 points up.
A four on the 3rd and a five for the challengers saw us nick a point back followed up by two pars on the 4th & 5th for us and with Butch and Sundance only managing a couple of bogeys saw us draw level on points with them and with the par 5 next to play and with my big hitting partner by my side this was our chance to try and get ahead.
After a great drive by the ex-skipper up the middle splitting the fairway bunkers putting him in a good position for his next shot, he played a sensible one advancing his ball 150 yards down the fairway before hitting a great wedge into the green to about 4 foot left of the pin leaving a downhill putt. After a good stroke of the ball it looked in all the way before dropping for a 4. Great birdie for 3 points mate and we had now finally got our noses in front at last by a point as Gary and Anthony got a 6 for 2 to keep us in touching distance.
A par for us on the 7th saw us edge forward by another point as Gary managed to grab a bogey to limit the damage after seeing Sundance throw his double shot hole advantage away but he made up for it on the 8th as he took a 6 for 2 matching our bogey 5 keeping them in reach of our 2 point advantage.
On to the 9th and after a good drive by Gary down the middle he hit a great second shot and was on the green for two and with two good putts it was in the hole for a par and 3 points and with us taking a bogey 5 for a point they had drawn level with us at the turn putting us on 20 points apiece.
Back 9.
With a quick toilet break for the old folk they arrived back on the 10th, tea in hand whiffing of Deep Heat, to help warn them up and get their joints moving a bit more easier, and with that they had the honours and was off again sticking a couple down the middle. With my partner and myself favouring the wrong side of the fairway for the pin position today with myself ending up in amongst "Bushman territory" it was all I could do to punch out and with Andy hitting a big high wedge to try to get up over the bunker to where the flag was tucked away saw him go long. But somehow we both saved a 5 each matching the opponents 5 but losing a point in the process to put them 1 point back in front.
And with the bit between his teeth Anthony went on to get a great par on the 11th after two great shots to get on the green and two putts later he had his par and 3 points which saw us slip 2 points behind as we only managed a bogey. But with a par on the 12th for the skipper's team and a bogey for the "good old boys" we managed to get a point back as they took bogey and just leaving the 1 point separating us.
Matching pars on the 13th saw the scores stay the same as both sides got 3 points apiece before Andy grabbed another par on the 14th for 2 points to keep the gap between us at just 1 point as they took a bogey for 2.
Then disaster struck on the 15th as Andy and I both decided to stick our balls where only Barry could be bothered to look for them meaning 3 off the tee for both of us ending up in no points for either in the challenge on the par 5 and with that bloody Gary Burman sinking his putt for a par and 3 precious points to put them 4 points ahead with 3 holes to play it was not looking good for the poor old Skippers and his Challenge.
Full off confidence Gary placed his club behind the ball that he had just teed up on the 16th ready to bring the game home with Anthony and take the Captain down but then hit his ball low and left finishing a long way from the hole making it more of a par 5 than a 4. And with Sundance ending up over on the right with no clear sight of the green there was a glimmer of hope as my partner and myself stuck to great drives down the middle to finish by the 150 markers. A 7 iron for me which wasn't hit great saw the ball end up short and right off the green but then made up with it after nearly chipping in, striking the pin before finishing a couple of foot away for an easy par for 3 points but a good scramble by the Butch and Co saw them take a bogey for 2 points to stay ahead by 3.
All to fight for as me and my partner stuck both our drives over the ditch but unfortunately on the right side of the fairway with the trees between us and the green. I think the Deep heat had started to ware off by now as both our opponents didn't have great tee off shots with Anthony not reaching the ditch and Gary finding the ditch. After a good second by Anthony and a drop shot and a good third shot by Gary. Andy then managed to get his ball under the trees with a four iron but finishing left and short of the green. A good chip later and he was 4 foot from the hole and a make able putt. And after Andy sank the putt for a par and 3 points it was Gary trying to save a point by trying to sink his 5 foot putt for a 6. But pressure must have got to him as we watched his putt slip past the hole resulting in them both taking a 7 apiece and no points for the 17th making us all level on points once again to go down the last. Onto the 18th and four good drives down the middle leaving all of us with a good chance of hitting the green in two and looked like the match was going to be a fight to the end as the old timers wouldn't lay down. Anthony to play first and he had about 150 to the pin but with the vitamin supplements starting to run low Anthony didn't connect properly with his 5 wood resulting in him finding the stream and with his partner "Sandy Burman" as we decided to rename him for today after finding another bunker this time on the on the left of the green the door was open to try and take advantage from their misfortune.
The ex-skipper to go first and a small request from the present one asking him to "stick it next to the pin" and with that he executed the sweetest wedge which pitched pin high left of the flag before rolling forward to finish 8 foot past the hole.
Request granted. ....
And with myself finding the green on the right leaving a 12 foot putt, and with Sundance out the picture after taking a drop the pressure was on for Butch as he attempted to escape the trap. With only 14 foot between the ball and the hole it needed a delicate shot from the sand but unfortunately the trouble he had in a couple of the previous bunkers earlier in the round came back to haunt him as his first attempt hit the lip and came to rest by his feet again. With that he then hit a great bunker shot landing softly and finishing 4 foot before the hole to give him a bogey putt for 2 points.
After I missed my birdie putt it was down to Andy to sink his for the win but a slightly under hit putt saw him leave it a couple of foot short before rolling it in for a par and 2 points. Gary to half the match with his putt for a bogey 2 pointer, and with the stroke of his putter the ball was on line for the cup but just as it looked to be going in the hole it started to run out of gas and just turned left catching the side of the cup and lipping out leaving him to tap in for a double bogey and 1 point resulting in The Captain and Mr. Howes taking the win by a solitary point with the scores ending up 39 to 38 leaving the our deflated opponents heading off to the pub to drown their sorrows and wonder where it all went wrong......
Thank you to Andy for stepping up this morning to partner me and take Gary and Anthony on. He played some great golf out there and I think was the only man their today who could have helped me keep those "good old boys" at bay. Cheers mate.
And sorry to Mr. Reid who would have played with me but like I said mate I needed the "Big Guns" out there today and all the help I could get.
Well played to Butch and Sundance great match, great company and great golf by you two and was one of the hardest Captains Challenge matches I have played in and was under pressure from the word go.
Thanks gents much enjoyed.
Unfortunately our return match for next week has to be rearranged gents as the secretary has said no to 2 weeks in a row so will have to reschedule our match for another week.
Next week's Challengers are:
Keith Reid and Andy Howes were I hope Andy played all his good golf this weekend......

WEEK 3 -- 17th April
After being absent last week due to my Spring Cup match I was back this week to partner my Vice-Captain in the Captains Challenge after Sandip stood in for me last week.
It was a bit of deja vu today as we took on the Secretary and Treasurer again as they sought another victory in a repeat of last time in my first Captains Challenge of my year.
All started well for both sides as we halved the first with a couple of 5's for Stephen and myself as we took bogey each for 1point a piece.
Onto the 2nd and with all four players up the middle we were all in a good position to hit the green in two but after a couple of duffed 2nd shots by my Vice and Mr. Page and a pulled shot by Steve leaving him in the thick rough I managed to stick mine on the green and 2 putt for par and with a 6 being the best for the opposition we were 2pts up.
Similar on the 3rd as I grab another par after Steve ended up in the bunker he couldn't escape from and Mr. Page grabbing a 4 gave us another point extra to put us 3 pts in front.
A par for both sides on the 4th saw no change in the points but with a par by my Vice and myself on the 5th saw us grab another point while the opposition could only manage another 4 putting us 4pts up now.
Onto the 6th after a complete cock up by myself it was left to the Vice-Captain to save the hole for us as he took a 6 for 2 while Steve got a par and 2pts keeping us still 4pts up.
7 & 8 saw no change as both sides took bogey and double bogey for 3pts a piece to keep the scores the same.
I would be lying if I said I didn't have a bit of smile on my face while walking between the 8th green and the 9th tee as I totted up the points as it meant Steve needed a hole in one or John needed a birdie to at least draw the match but with Mr. Page losing his ball and the ex-skipper only managing to get a solitary point with a bogey and us getting 2pts for our bogey 5 it was sweet victory for the Captain and Vice beating the challengers 25pts to 20pts

WEEK 2 -- 10th April
Awaiting report from Vice-Capt.

WEEK 1 -- 3rd April
Well it was my first week as Captain and my first Captains/Pro Challenge with my Vice Captain standing in, Mr. John Hawkins, while our resident Pro is still hobbling around and out of action. Up against last year's ex-skipper and our treasurer it wasn't going to be an easy battle.
It has also been decided after our secretary had a discussion with our Pro that at some clubs they do a captains drive off to start their captaincy off for the year so after agreeing that it would be a good thing to adopt at the club with him and the members of the committee that were present Stephen has donated another hickory stick for the club to use as the Captains driver in the opening drive for the year.
Well thank god I got it going down the middle although with the kick from the flex off that club with the lump of 2 by 4 on the end did actually sprain my wrist in the process of trying to hit the ball which didn't help no end for the rest of the day.
Anyway things started off well in our challenge with myself and Stephen taking pars on the 1st but with a wayward second shot by myself on the 2nd leaving me taking a 7 left it up to my Vice to take a 5 to secure 2 points after Stephen took another par putting us 1pt down.
Another par each for myself and Stephen on the 3rd saw us holding our own against our driven ex-skip who seemed to be on a crusade today to take the new Captain and Vice down.
Onto the 4th and after a few bad tee shots I managed to scrabble a par for our side while the opposition could only manage a bogey with Steve nicking a five which took us back to level points but not for long as Stephen took another par on the 5th to go one up again as we scraped a bogey.
A blow out for us both and a 6 for 2 for John saw us go 3 down after the 6th leaving three holes to pull It back but with both teams bogeying 7 & 8 and scoring the same points it left myself and Hawkeye still 3 down going down the last and a bit of luck needed or should I say disaster for the opposition in some shape or form. But unfortunately for us Stephen made a par for 2pts and with us making par for 3pts we finished 2prs down.
Good match gents....don't make a habit of it.